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Kaufen Sie Wiko bei Europas größtem Technik-Onlineshop Paper composite panels are a phenolic resin/cellulose composite material made from partially recycled paper and phenolic resin. Multiple layers of paper are soaked in. Unlike stone or a solid surface, Richlite works similar to a dense hardwood and can be easily milled, sanded, routed, and joined. Richlite is water-resistant, sanitary, has low moisture absorption, heat and fire resistant, extraordinarily dense and durable, and has a natural appeal due to its paper construction From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Richlite is a dense material made from partially recycled paper and phenolic resin. Phenolic resin is made of formeldahyde and. Came across this and was excited until I saw the fretboard and bridge was made out of Richlite. Why they use it on their top of the line guitars is a mystery. I wonder how it compares tonally, especially the bridge, compared to ebony. Considering that ebony has less sound transmission than rosewood, I woudnt even want it with ebony. Rosewood rings out the best

Richlite RICHLITE ist ein Papierverbundwerkstoff und wurde 1943 in Tacoma, USA von der Richlite Company entwickelt und zunächst nur in der Flugzeugindustrie verwendet. Erst später wurde es auch im Innenausbau eingesetzt RICHLITE vereint alle Ansprüche die ein grünes Produkt haben muss: Thermische Verwertungstechnologie, Alle Inhaltsstoffe sind aus FSC® zertifizierten Beständen oder aus wiederverwertetem Papier, Anerkennung durch LEED®, das Programm zur ökologischen Bauzertifizierung View company leaders and background information for Richlite Corp. Search our database of over 100 million company and executive profiles My D-16RGT has Micarta or Richlite and my HD-28VS has ebony. I like both, although I can tell you that there IS a different feel to them. Playability-wise, hardly any difference. And, the Micarta/Richlite is not subject to temperature variations as is real wood. Either way, you get a great guitar

I'm not very familiar with richlite, never owning a guitar with that material. I don't see anything wrong with it though, it should be okay. I know it's not wood and. Der junge Musiker und Erfinder Les Paul suchte in den 1930er Jahren nach Wegen, um die Nachteile der zu der Zeit üblichen E-Gitarren zu überwinden The Richlite was easy to play on, very fast under my fingers, and I loved how easy it was to bend. I didn't find it quite as brite as real ebony... and I've read stories of how in very hot conditions, the Richlite can have issues... but none of that applied to me during the time I had the guitar

Lita Ford was born to a British father (Harry Lenard Ford) and an Italian mother (Isabella Benvenuto) in London, England. When she was in second grade, she moved with her family to the United States, eventually settling in Long Beach, California As of me, my SG Supra has a Richlite™ fretboard, it feels and plays great, and the guitar provides a great sound, too. Richlite is a cellulose-phenolic resin compound similar to Bakelite™. The cellulose gives it a silky feeling I never think about the Richlite fretboard - it a non-issue. I played a 2012 several times over the course of a couple of years in the music store and knew what I was getting.There's way too many haters out there who couldn't tell the difference but are too afraid to admit it

Spahn Holzwerkstoffe steht seit bald dreißig Jahren für kompetenten Service und professionelle Beratung. Getragen wird diese Philosophie von unserem Team aus über. Richlite is not ebony shavings. It is recycled paper pulp and by-products in a phenolic resin matrix. It is recycled paper pulp and by-products in a phenolic resin matrix. Taylor did not buy up all the ebony stores: they, along with a distributor from France, bought their own ebony producing company in Cameroon RICHLITE® vereint alle Ansprüche, die ein grünes Produkt haben muss, da alle Inhaltsstoffe aus FSC® zertifizierten Beständen oder aus recyceltem Papier bestehen und das Produkt durch die. I can find surprisingly little authoritative info about Ebonol. Most sources are simply quoting each other. According to Edensaw Woods, Richlite is a very versatile. R.E.M. war eine US-amerikanische Rockband. Mit über 85 Millionen verkauften Alben gilt sie als eine der erfolgreichsten Bands des Alternative Rock

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation Rick and Morty ist eine US-amerikanische Zeichentrickserie von Justin Roiland und Dan Harmon. Die Serie hatte 2013 ihre Premiere bei dem Kabelsender Adult Swim, ein. Richlite appears to be the same stuff that billiard balls are made from. Durable doesn't even begin to describe it. I haven't encountered it on a fretboard yet but I can imagine it being fantastic material

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  1. I have a Richlite board on my Midtown, and you should absolutely never use anything on them, just a damp rag maybe. As far as I know Epi doesn't use Richlite
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